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Landlords Real Estate Insurance Guide

What is landlords insurance?

Landlords insurance is a type of insurance that helps to protect the property owner (I.E, the landlord) from a whole range of natural or malicious damage and theft. Most policies cover just about every type of damage type imaginable from natural causes to purposefully malicious damage done to the property. Some specialized landlord insurance polices even cover the tenants and their belongings, though this tends to drive the price up dramatically.

Generally speaking, the more that your insurance policy covers, the more expensive it’s going to be. Most insurance policies can cover up into the million of dollars, though it all depends on the type of property you are renting out (whether or not it is commercial or residential as well as the location and size which also play a big role in determining the costs of landlord insurance) Though given the security that it offers, it’s well worth it just in case anything happens to your property somewhere in the future and the money you spend on your landlords insurance will usually pale in comparison to the costs of having to fix flood or fire damage.

Why should you get landlords insurance?

Landlords insurance should be purchased no matter what. Even if you’ve been renting to the same person for twenty years, landlords insurance should be purchased because in everyday life, accidents happen. Besides acting as a safety net should any damage arise to your property, it also tends to give the landlord a piece of mind knowing that if anything does happen to their property, the costs are covered and they won’t have to cough up the money for repairs.

What does landlords insurance cover?

Landlords insurance covers a fairly large range of accidents and malicious activities.

In general, the large majority of landlords insurance policies will protect the landlord from the following

Flood and water damage and in some policies even burst pipes or overflows from bathtubs or sinks.
Fire damage caused by natural causes, accidental causes or malicious causes.
Graffiti and other various types of vandalism to both the indoor and outdoor property and buildings including various pieces such as fences and letter boxes
Theft. Usually this only covers theft of property itself, for example, stolen letterboxes. Typically this won’t cover the tenant and their belongings and they will require their own insurance policy in the case that the property is burgled.
Landlords insurance is a vital key element to any person who is looking to rent out any of their property. It not only protects the landlord, but can also help to save a lot of money in the event that some form of natural disaster occurs or the tenant decides to vandalize the property. Landlords insurance is also one of the greatest ways to ensure that your investment stays safe and sound for many years to come and is protected from any unforeseen circumstances.

The Yorkdale Condos

So the real estate market has been growing for the last 15 years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  I am sure this concerns many people since the mortgage rates have been so low for so long.  People are a little nervous about investing big bucks on huge properties. A new fad has come were investors are putting their money into pre construction developments.  With little or no money down they can save up the next 2-4 years before the mortgage starts, once they receive their unit.  Lots of people in the real estate market are looking for more affordable property, this usually comes in the condo industry.  If you looking for a great investment at the moment I would like to point you towards the YorkDale Condos.

Context Developments along with Metropia Urban Landscape are developing The Yorkdale Condos, which at the moment are in the registration phase.  A perfect time to get your mortgage pre-approved and register to reserve a unit.  The units will be starting at approximately the low $169,000’s. A very reasonable price when it comes to real estate and investing in the greater Toronto area, some may even say this is a bargain.

The Yorkdale Condos will be a mid rise condominium complex that will house approximately 450 units in the first phase.  There will be two phases to this project that will have a total of just over 1000 units available.  The floor layouts will be great and they will start at 350 square feet all the way to just under 1000 square feet. The first tower will stand at 14 storeys, parking will be available for $24,000 and lockers will come with the unit.  Get ready for the VIP launch which will be happening in the near future.  Don’t miss out on one of these dream units before they are all scooped up!

Oh I almost forgot to mention that this will be a commuters dream with access to almost every single possible way of transportation including a direct link to the TTC and Metro. This will be ideal for persons that are working downtown Toronto, it will give them easy access to where ever they have to go.

Now is the time to visit the link posted above if you are looking for a great investment.  The timing is perfect and The Yorkdale Condos will be a gem from now and into the future.




Avoid Foreclosure

Foreclosure in Real Estate How to Avoid it

There are 2 Main Ways to Avoid Foreclosure:

1. Short Sale.
If You are working with the right Realtor, they can market the property and obtain a legitimate Short Sale offer, submit it to the Bank and stop the Foreclosure promptly. The Bank typically prefers to Short Sale because it’s easier, cleaner and makes them more money! The further along in the process You are with a Short Sale, the more likely a Bank is to postpone the Foreclosure. It should be mentioned that having a Great Realtor isn’t always good enough. Sometimes it takes a really talented Short Sale Negotiator with connections. All of which, I have at my finger-tips if/when You need it…

2. Filing for Bankruptcy in will stop a Foreclosure IMMEDIATELY. I’ve had people email from the Radio Show, who have a Foreclosure Sale-Date of two days later. We are able to stop the Foreclosure by filing for Bankruptcy protection. This allows them to stay in the home Rent-Free for several more months, then ultimately Short Sale the property and save their Credit Profile from the “F-word”! Both Chapter 7 Bankruptcy AND Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will work to stop a Foreclosure, but the Chapter 7 only lasts 100 days and allows you to also delete Your Credit Card Debt, Collections, Medical Bills, Signature loans, Judgments, Wage Garnishments, Auto Leases and a myriad of other financial benefits. It’s very important to always File for Bankruptcy BEFORE You Foreclose or Short Sale a property. You may not qualify without the Mortgage Payment liability!

What a Foreclosure will do to Your Credit Score:
Let me be VERY clear as “Mr. Credit” in saying…”A Foreclosure is the worst possible remark You can have associated with Your Credit Profile. Although I can help You find ways to improve Your Credit SCORE, every Lending Institution You attempt to borrow money from in the future is going to use a past Foreclosure against You. It’s a very convenient reason to charge You more money and believe me, they will. Avoid Foreclosure at all costs.

Real Estate Foreclosure

Foreclosures in Real Estate

A Foreclosure, as applied to a Home loan, is when a Bank sells or repossesses the Home after the Owner has failed to comply with the agreement detailed in the “mortgage” or “deed of trust”. Usually, the violation is a default in payment of a Promissory Note, secured by a lien on the property. Once the Foreclosure process is complete, the Bank can sell the property and keep the proceeds to pay off its mortgage along with any legal costs. If the promissory note has Recourse (the Homeowner has Personal liability) and if the sale does not bring enough to pay the existing balance of principal and fees, the Bank can file a claim for a deficiency judgment against the Owner.

In the State of California, however, there is an anti-deficiency statute that applies only to “Purchase Money” loans. This means, if You usea Loan (or two) to PURCHASE Your property, then You have no personally liability for those loans (Non-Recourse). However, as soon as You refinance any or all of the loans You used to purchase the home, those refinanced loans are now “Recourse” and You do have personal liability attached to those loans.

It should also be noted: The forgiveness of any debt can cause a taxable event (You could owe the IRS), so before Your home goes to Foreclosure or Short Sale, seek the advice of a Seasoned Tax Professional.

The anti-deficiency statute is another reason why San Diego Real Estate is an incredible investment opportunity, for buying a primary residence, any time 30-Year Fixed mortgage rates are below 6%. If something goes wrong or You eventually have to default on the loan, the Bank is the one who has to take it on the Chin.

154 front street condos

Rendering of a proposed two tower condo development at 154 front street.

Rendering of a proposed two tower condo development at 154 front street.

Toronto has seen some huge developments going up in the last 15 years.  The real estate market has been booming and there is no sign of slowing down.  Have you considered investing in a piece of real estate or two?  If you have a portion of a down payment ready you may want to consider a pre construction condo.  In the real estate market there is a huge benefit of investing in the early phases of a project.  Just ask any real estate agent and they will tell you exactly why.  If you are looking for a condo, check out the following condos which will be located at 154 Front Street.

The verdict is still out on the proposed development on 154 Front Street East. This would consist of 2 towers with 24 and 34 storeys built on top of a common podium with a 5 to 7 storey height. If it is approved there would be 537 units as well as retail and commercial space built. This proposal includes 5 levels of under ground parking with 361 parking spaces. Currently there is a parking lot at the proposed building location.

These condominiums are in the St. Lawrence Market neighborhood. From east to west it is located between Lower Sherbourne St. and Lower Jarvis Street. From north to south, King Street East and The Esplanade. This location provides easy access to restaurants, the downtown core, the financial and entertainment district. We also can’t need to mention the closeness to the Theatre district, the historic Distillery district and Union Station.

Cityzen is the development group that is trying to bring this project to life. They are one of Toronto’s and neighborring areas, top developers in high rise condominium buildings. Their previous accomplishments include Absolute Towers, Sherbourne & Selby, Backstage, L Tower, Ion Condos, Pier 27, The Shores, and Waterlilies.

The architects Alliance are an award winning firm. They have received a Governor General’s Medal, Awards of excellence, a Ward of Merit, Pug Awards, and more. They are design driven and encourage fresh thinking to accomplish their goals. They hold a commitment to develop efficient, and sustainable buildings.

We can’t wait to see what happens with the 154 Front Street Condos can you?

5959 Yonge Condos

NEWS ALERT! Sales have started, don’t delay units are going extremely fast.

Introducing the highly anticipated condo release of the year, 5959 Yonge Street Condos has arrived.  Ghods Builders Inc. is pleased to let a few select agents sell a number of units before the construction begins.  Are you looking for a condo in the area? If you are do not delay at a chance of a life time.

5959 Yonge Street Condos will be elegant and every detailed was double and triple checked to meet the standards of Ghods Builders Inc.  Suites will magnificent which will include new age state of the art kitchens and get ready for this no bulkheads. A huge bonus for a streamlined looked.

Upon entering the condo you will be introduced to the grand lobby, which will lead to BBQ cabanas, swimming pools, party rooms, a gym, theater, lounge rooms, and a media room.  Everything you could imagine will be right at your finger tips.

One of the biggest selling points for 5959 Yonge Street Condos will be the amazing sky atrium which will emit a warm green glow at night into the Toronto skyline.  If you need to relax and take in an awe inspiring view come on up to the chai room.  Where you and your quests can kick back and enjoy an evening of laughs.

If you need to get rid of a little tension and stress, head over to the first and one of a kind LED athletic court.  All you have to do is select the sport you desire from a digital panel and the court will light up according to your choice.  Pretty cool, no? I think so, imagine playing any sport with just a click of a button.

59595 Yonge Street Condos will definitely be a dream to live in, if you are interested please follow the link at the beginning of this post.  The platinum agent will be happy to help you and answer and question you may have regarding this development. Don’t hesitate and register today, units will be going fast, don’t miss out on this pre construction opportunity.

Check out this rendering of 5959 Yonge Street Condos, nice view no?

View from the patio of 5959 Yonge Street Condos

View from the patio of 5959 Yonge Street Condos

With a breathtaking view like that, you will enjoy countless hours with friends and family. This view will be unobstructed so you can enjoy Toronto’s skyline for many years.  Sit outside on your patio, raise your legs, grab a beer and relax for the evening.

Theft Proof Your Home

Having your house broken into and robbed can be one of the most unpleasant and traumatizing experiences you and your family can go through. Much more significant than the loss of valuable property is emotional violation on a deeper level–losing your feelings of safety, well-being, and security in your own home can be a very painful adjustment. As a homeowner, you owe it to yourself to take the initiative to protect not just your security, but you and your family’s peace of mind.

While it’s always possible that thieves will target your house regardless of the security measures you have in place, there are several things you can do to drastically reduce the likelihood of your home being targeted. The most essential and effective deterrent is also the most obvious–that is, you’ll want to invest in a good alarm system. When shopping, be sure to go with a reputable company. You get what you pay for. The worse the manufacturing, the more likely a thief will be able to disarm it.

Second, be conspicuous, especially when you’re going to be away from your home for extended periods of time. Common sense dictates–and convicted robbers themselves have confirmed this–that your house is less likely to be a target if you have a few good alarm and beware of dog signs posted. You don’t have to turn your home into a fortress, you just want to let robbers know that your house carries a higher risk of being caught.

Third, be sure to lock up. A startling number of robberies occur because people forget common practices such as locking garage doors, patio doors, and windows. Try to have secure latches on your windows, and have a “lock-up checklist” visually posted on the back of or close to your house’s exit. Thieves are far less likely to be master cat burglars than thugs who are just trying their luck on neighborhood back doors.

If you follow these steps and take the extra precaution of double-checking, you can greatly strengthen your home, valuables, and secure well-being against intruders.

A CDPE will make the difference!

I have just finished passing all of the requirements to become a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert).I am very excited about this, as it will allow me to make a real difference in the lives of so many homeowners.

When faced with a financial hardship, many families reach the point where they can no longer afford their mortgage payments and have fallen behind or are just a payment or two away from falling behind in their payments. This is a very scary place to be. While this situation is an economic one, it is even more an emotional one. We see responses from out there from out and out panic to people who feel completely helpless to those who pretend it is not happening. People in this situation are under incredible stress as they see their whole world crashing down around them. Most people just don’t know what to do. They have seen ads for help (usually requiring some sort of payment), they heard nightmare stories about short sales and many have tried one of the loan modification programs available and have not qualified. This is not a process to undertake without aligning ones self with an expert.

Most agents want very much to help, but wanting to help and having the educational background to do so are a world apart. You need a CDPE, (an agent or broker who has the knowledge, the insider track, has intimate knowledge of the data required by the lenders and knows how to accelerate your file when time issues arise). You would not think of having a friend who loves numbers do your taxes or a non-surgeon perform heart surgery. You need a professional who understands the process and can walk you through it. You need a CDPE. A one-hour, no-obligation free consultation is yours for the asking.

Profit for Real Estate Investors

Many investors are attracted by potentially earning a lot of money from lucrative real estate deals. There are many tools, techniques and strategies, which when properly utilized, can earn handsome profit for real estate investors. If you are a new investor, you may want to know about the tools that can offer you the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle the intricacies of this business.  Here is a guide on some of the tools that have been proven to earn good profit for real estate investors.

Profit for Real Estate Tools

The first tool that is known to earn profit for real estate investors is the Comparative Market Analysis tool. To profit from your real estate sale, you need to determine the property value of the home you are interested in selling. True property value basically means how much money a buyer is willing to put up in order to acquire it.  You can get a good idea on this by using the CMA or comparative market analysis tool. CMA helps earn profit for real estate investor by determining the property value of the house or building the investor is trying to sell by comparing it with similar properties in the area that have been recently sold.  You can have this done by a home investing specialist for expediency. Once you have an approximation, you can then make the necessary adjustments to the price to make it more attractive to buyers.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner in the real estate business, you can always benefit from the training tools that are popular for earning profit for real estate investors.  There are numerous training programs available on the Internet that can teach you about different ways of handling different real estate deals.  For instance, there is a training tool specifically on how to get a good line of credit from banks even without capital.  This helps save money and earns profit for real estate investors. There are instructional manuals that can teach you the intricacies of selling buildings, flipping houses and performing all sorts of real estate deals involving both short term and long-term investments.

Another important tool that helps earn profit for real estate investors is a spreadsheet software program. Spreadsheet software programs are handy computer software tools that help calculate the income and expenditures of properties.  For instance, such application can help determine your cap rate or the amount of money you gain minus expenses. This will help you determine how much money you are actually going to make.

MLS to get Profit for Real Estate

Another widely used tool that gains profit for real estate is the Multiple Listing Service.  Multiple Listing Services are basically online databases that list properties being sold. This will help you choose a property worth investing in. There are practically dozens of these online databases available.  They help in generating profit for real estate investors by narrowing down the available choices. They contain a lot of pertinent information to compare prices against properties similar to what you might be selling.

Another useful tool that can help gain profit for real estate investors is the county tax record.  If you live in a county that has a website for property records, you may want to review these in order to know the tax record, the previous purchase price and the amount of taxes being paid for a property you are interested in buying.  All of these details can give you an upper hand and make your real estate venture a very lucrative financial decision.

River City Condos by Urban Capital

Units are now selling, be one of the first to register and guarantee yourself a unit.  Sales for this specific project will be going fast so don’t delay.  Our agent has exclusive rights to sell a certain amount of units which are on hold for the right buyer or investor.  Take a moment and follow the link provided below to the registration form.  Good luck!

River City Condos now open for registration

River City Condos now open for registration

Urban Capital the developers of the River City condominiums are almost finished the complete project. Phase 1 has been fully constructed, phase two is in construction, and phase 3 is currently in pre-construction and the registrations have begun. Do not miss your chance at acquiring on of the suits in this 28 storey tower. This will be tallest building in the area with a grand view of the Toronto skyline and the Don River park lands. The third phase will have a darker colour scheme similar to the first phase. These 2 buildings will have a nice contrast to the second condo that has a lighter colour scheme. As far as its known it will have similar features, finishes and amenities. For further information about the River City Condo Phase 3 development please Click Here.

This condo is located in the West Don Lands and has been undergoing is part of a program to revitalize the area from its former industrial era. There have been several major improvements thus far. These include improved flood protection, adding park space to brighten the underpass, improving the infrastructure for easier access to the rest of the communities, construction of the athletes village for the pan-am games that will happen in 2015, and of course the largest park lands in Toronto.