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River City Condos by Urban Capital

Urban Capital the developers of the River City condominiums are almost finished the complete project. Phase 1 has been fully constructed, phase two is in construction, and phase 3 is currently in pre-construction and the registrations have begun. Do not miss your chance at acquiring on of the suits in this 28 storey tower. This will be tallest building in the area with a grand view of the Toronto skyline and the Don River park lands. The third phase will have a darker colour scheme similar to the first phase. These 2 buildings will have a nice contrast to the second condo that has a lighter colour scheme. As far as its known it will have similar features, finishes and amenities. For further information about the River City Condo Phase 3 development please Click Here.

This condo is located in the West Don Lands and has been undergoing is part of a program to revitalize the area from its former industrial era. There have been several major improvements thus far. These include improved flood protection, adding park space to brighten the underpass, improving the infrastructure for easier access to the rest of the communities, construction of the athletes village for the pan-am games that will happen in 2015, and of course the largest park lands in Toronto.

Investor’s Guide to Selling Real Estate for Profit

Selling real estate for profit can sometimes be a risky business venture if you are not aware of the intricacies and nuances of the real estate market.  If you are a budding investor in this field, you may want to take this guide seriously in order to avoid some of the common mistakes new investors make when trying to sell real estate for profit. Once you have gained some knowledge, you will be able to navigate the ins and outs of this type of business and make profit for yourself.

When you want to sell real estate for profit, the first thing you need to consider is whether or not you want quick returns on your investment or make money through long term investing or  both. These are the most basic goals you have to keep in mind to sellreal estate for profit, because they will rightfully determine the returns of the investment you are entering into. If you prefer quick gains, then you might be better off buying property, renovating it and then selling it for profit. This process is known as flipping houses. Alternatively, you may prefer a more stable and long term goal of purchasing property with the intent of renting it out to tenants to assure yourself of a stable monthly cash flow that will self liquidate the investment money you have put into buying the property.

Selling Real Estate for Profit – Know the Property Value

Another important aspect that you need to consider in order to sell your real estate for profit is the value of the property you intend to sell. The only sure way of knowing the true value of the property is to know how much a potential buyer is willing to shell out in order to buy it.  Selling real estate for profit is of course overseen by economics factors.  You may have the swankiest property in the neighborhood, but if no one is willing to purchase it at the price you want, you may end up selling at a loss or even worse not being able to dispose of it at all.   When you sell real estate for profit, you must keep in mind that the property value still relies on supply and demand.  For instance, when many properties that look alike are being offered, lesser will be the value when matched with demand. If there is high demand for certain types of properties, chances are there are only few of them available to be sold.

In this regard, to sell real estate for profit you need to choose the property that you are going to put money into carefully, because its property value will determine how much money you will be gaining from the proceeds.

Real Estate for Profit Summary

Selling real estate for profit also entails that, once you know the value of your property you also need to put the correct price on it in order to attract potential buyers.  Over pricing the value of the property is much more disastrous than under valuing it, because of the fact that no one would ever consider buying it at a ridiculous price.  Remember, when you are out to sell real estate for profityou will not be alone, there will be other investors with similar properties. Therefore, it is essential that you decide on a price that is competitive with that of the other sellers in order to give you an edge in vying for potential serious buyers.

Profitable Real Estate Review

Real estate industry can be simplified as a resourceful market that is full of opportunities and hidden profit sources. To see good profit real estate investors must invest in various segments of this high potential market. However, starting a real estate business may not be as easy and simple as late night television makes it sound. It is constantly affected with the ever-changing economic conditions that make it quite complicated. The profit real estate investors can get from their investment thus depends on the market environment, type of investment, purchase price, etc.

Methods For Profitable Real Estate Investments:

Trading: Investors buy real estate property and hold it for a period of time until the value of the property rises. To make good profit real estate investors sell such property to a potential customer at the right time. This holding or flipping of properties is quite common and widely used in the real estate business. In this option, the investor either holds the property without making any modifications or may invest some money to modify the property. The latter helps increase the value of the property and gets good profit for the real estate investors.

Renting: It is one of the most common and a widely used technique by many real estate traders in order to make the best profit real estate business has to offer. It is an easy way to collect mortgage and other maintenance charges of the property in the form of rent from the tenants. This strategy is highly helpful and profitable for traders to survive in the long run on a consistent basis. With this strategy, there are two-fold benefits that profit real estate investors. One is the rental income, and the other is the increase in the overall value of the property in the market. Real estate renting option can be considered an ideal investment opportunity, but there a flip side to it. There can be instances where the property can be damaged or misused by the tenants, leading to a decrease in the market value of that real estate property.

Investment Groups: Investment groups were developed to manage real estate rental properties and help traders in making the best use of the profit real estate business has to offer. These groups manage the property by either purchasing it or developing the property for residential or commercial use. Whenever, any investor purchases a part of the residential or commercial block, he or she becomes the member of the group. These investment groups manage all the developed blocks on the real estate property and take full responsibility to manage, promote and gather investors.

Investment Trust: Investors can take the help of an investment trust in order to avail of the maximum profit real estate business has to offer. These trusts collect the money from real estate investors and use the money to purchase and operate potential real estate income properties. An investment trust needs to allow payouts of 90% of the taxable profits as dividends in order to retain its tag as a trust. It is similar to a stock market company providing regular income in the form of dividends to the investors. In order to make good profit real estate investors can invest in various non-residential projects through the help of these trusts.

Overview of Profit Real Estate

Many consider investing in real estate to be a lucrative venture. To make good profit real estateinvestors should have the basic knowledge about their options and choose their investment vehicle carefully.


If you are buying a condo or thinking about buying a condo these tips will help make your house hunting experience rewarding.

1) Location, location, location. You’ve heard it before and it really is true. Location is crucial. How far do you want to commute to work? How are the schools and shopping centers in the possible location?

2) Make a list. Do you know what you really want and need in your new condo? You’ll save many hours if you have a nice list of things you want to look for ahead of time. Zero in on the features you must have. Have your realtor only show you houses that you want you to live in. Start compiling your wish list by thinking about what you like and dislike about your current condo.

3) Hit the books. Go surfing on the web and look at market trends, condos on the market, neighborhood statistics, and recent condo sales prices. Get educated and become empowered.

4) Get preapproved for a mortgage. Rather than guess or estimate how big of a loan you can get, ask a lender or broker how much you are qualified for. This number might be less than you think.

5) Use a checklist. When looking at multiple condos take notes at each. Turn your priorities into a personalized condo-shopping list and use it to track the features of each condo.

6) Be prepared to make an offer. House hunting can be frustrating especially if you are not really ready emotionally or financially. If you are not ready don’t put yourself through it. If you are ready, go through a blank purchase contract ahead of time so you’ll know what decisions you’ll face when you make an offer. Have your buyer’s specialist help you with this.

Curb Appeal – To sell your home

When it comes time to sell your home, or put it on the market, are you asking yourself “How can I sell my home faster and for more money?” I think everyone asks that question, especially if you’re already on the market. By making a few changes, selling your home will become a reality. It’s up to you what amount of money you wish to spend too, plus take into account your energy level, budget, motivation, and judgment.

Consider this quote “Given two identical houses, all other factors being equal, the cleaner, less cluttered house with better curb appeal will sell faster and for more money”.

Sometimes it’s hard to look objectively at your own home, and you may not see it as a complete stranger (or prospective buyer) would. By our experience, we’ve learned that there are relatively easy, inexpensive things you can do to sell your house faster and for more money. These things can be categorized as such: Curb appeal, Clutter, and Cleanliness.

Today we’ll be touching on Curb Appeal. This is referred to what someone sees when they look at your house and yard. In the case of a prospective buyer, curb appeal is of the utmost importance. It’s all about first impressions, and if the buyer likes the home when they pull up, a sense of positive anticipation will be created and carried through the rest of the showing. If a person is turned off or disappointed at first glance, the probability that they will eventually make an offer on the house has decreased significantly, even before they’ve gotten out of the car!

Denver a good city to live in?

When looking for a home in Denver CO, real estate is easy to come by. Homes are for sale in Denver and the surrounding areas such as Arvada CO, Golden CO, and Thornton CO. These homes are all priced to steal in 2009. Colorado has done a great job keeping its head above water while the nearby neighboring States such as Nevada, California, and even parts of Arizona find themselves battling to hold their value.

The Colorado Real Estate industry especially in Denver has proven to hold its value during these tough times. Whether you’re a Real Estate Investor or a Family looking to relocate, the Denver area has a lot to offer you for your buck. We mentioned investing because of the tourism that comes to Colorado every year during the winters. A vacation home can be used as a rental in some of the more prestigious areas such as the Aurora CO, Arvada CO, and Golden CO.

Denver is attractive for several reasons. There are over 200 parks in the Denver Area. We consider Denver to be educated, clean, and also very outdoorsy. The downtown area is filled with lofts and Victorian style homes that are surrounded by a beautiful skyline consisting of many skyscrapers. Beautiful mountains along with 300 days of sunshine are very attractive for folks that are looking to call Denver home.


Investors Information – Insider’s Scoop

Multi Listing Service: Every property that has been purchased is eventually put on sale one day. A multi listing service is a company that provides information on all the real estate properties that are on sale in its catalog and hence one of the best investors information source. For instance, some foreclosure leads are public and those properties can turn up a lot of competition for an investor. Identifying a property with a motivated seller without actually making an offer will definitely help an investor to make the best out of the deal. Through a multi listing service, an investor can save a lot of time by browsing through properties easily. Most of the properties listed out are on a quick closing date, and offer cash right away on making a deal.

Mailing: As a real estate investor, how would you identify and approach potential leads? Direct mailing plays a very helpful and important investors information source that allows investors in identifying potential properties and getting a quick response as well. It is an innovative investors information source, where the investor sends out direct mails to real estate agents. It is a simple idea that is believed to reach at least a considerable number of agents who hold properties that you are interested in. Target marketing evaluates all the possible leads before making a final call.

Advertisements: This source of real estate investors information is derived directly from the owner of the property. Advertisements that promote the sale of a property form a medium for a direct sale between an investor and the owner. There is a lot of competition, as the owner may not settle for a lower price, and will not be willing to pay a commission either.

Yellow Pages: Those who have happened to go through the ads in yellow pages should have realized by now that it holds a separate column for real estate properties. This is a very old and traditional source of investors information, which features ads on real estate deals. One important advantage of this source is that there is very less competition for the real estate property. Moreover, this service is quite expensive to be approached by everyone.

Real estate Blogs: These are the new and the latest source of investors information that provide all the latest updates and timely information from the real estate world. Though not many of the investors engage in reading about properties online, the potential offered through this source just cannot be ignored. With the surge of online networking, many real estate blogs have been set up that showcase all the possible and potential real estate properties that can widen up investors information.

Condo Guide is a new way of looking and browsing for the condo of your dreams in the Toronto area. will focus mainly on pre-construction condos in the GTA area.  Our condo guide will be offering detail listings of all condos in all phases of construction and registration.  This will allow you to have the best overview of what Toronto has to offer.  All pre construction condos will have a representative that will be able to answer and questions you may have.  Also they will have extra information that has not been released to the general public. will give you the oppourtunity to get the condo of your choice with potential to get below market sale prices, if you purchase a unit early enough before the sale center opens.  Give our condo guide a try and let us know what you think. Happy hunting.

What to Expect When House Hunting

House hunting may be a long tough process. Finding that perfect real estate at the right price is a little more difficult than you might think. In the area alone the amount of houses available for you to choose from is extremely overwhelming. The process can however be less tedious and time consuming if you have the help of a professional real estate agent. These agents can walk you through the process of house hunting and help to find the home that you are searching for using tools that are available only to the Realtors. House hunting does not have to be overwhelming. If you have someone helping you with the search, the process will flow much more smoothly.

Understanding the Process of House Hunting

The process of house hunting can be a timely. A real estate agent can help you with the leg work and allow you time for other things in your life, other than searching for a new home. The first thing to do when you decide it is time to hunt for a home is to find the right Realtor for you. Once you have done this, you will be required to sign a contract with the agent. This allows the agent to be protected when it comes to closings and commissions.

Now that you have found your agent, you will sit down with them and discuss what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay for the home. If you have an idea of the amount of money you can afford and the amount of down payment, the process of finding a home will be that much easier. Using online search engines, you are able to break down and weed-out homes by price and view photos of these homes. Not only can you do this from the comfort of your own home, your real estate agent will be searching as well.

It is important to allow your Realtor to make appointments to view these homes and have them look up the information on past owners and any discrepancies there may be with the home. This allows you to knock any homes that have problems off your list.

Understanding the Real Estate Offering Process

Once you have found a home and are done with the house hunting process, it is best to become pre-qualified. This will help in a massive way. This shows the home seller that you can afford the home and decreases the amount of paperwork required when negotiating the home. More than likely you will try to negotiate the price of the home and try to pay a lesser amount than what the seller is asking for. You will put in an offer to the home seller and they will in turn accept your offer or come back with a counter offer. Next, you will begin the paperwork process of closing on your home, including home inspections and other important steps.

House hunting can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but if you hire a real estate agent to help you through the process, you will succeed in finding a new home without losing your mind in the process. Call a professional realtor today and begin house hunting for your dream home.

11 Wellesley Condos

11 Wellesley Condos

11 Wellesley Condos

11 Wellesley Condos

There’s been a lot of controversy around the plot of land at 11 Wellesley, just West of Yonge Street. This is a coveted gem for condo developers, but many Torontonian’s worry that there aren’t enough parks in the area.
The controversy peaked about a month ago, ending with an intense bidding war. It was finally decided that the land will be used for a major condo development. The property was bought by Lanterra Developments, one of Toronto’s biggest developers.

Parks and smart investment

I’ve been following the controversy around 11 Wellesley for a while now. The park prospect seemed like a great option. Green spaces add so much to downtown neighbourhoods.

I think of the nearby green space at College Park and what it’s done for the area. People need parks to get outside, experience nature, walk their dogs. They need parks to connect with their community.
Park-adjacent property is also worth more to investors. Established parkland is usually safe from being crowded by big developments. Buyers know a park view won’t be blocked by a massive wall of windows anytime soon.
11 Wellesley Reaching a compromise

So when the park plan didn’t come through for 11 Wellesley, I was a pretty disappointed.
Then I saw Lanterra’s project plan. It isn’t just another mass of steel and concrete. They’ve actually decided to incorporate a 1.5 acre community park. This green space is added at the foot of the 50 storey building, and will be open to the public.

Lanterra could have paid cash to bypass city requirements for a green space – meaning more profit for them when the condos started selling. Instead they decided to work with the city toward an on-site compromise.

Keeping our city green

We often think of condos as part of the environment problem. If you take a closer look, they could actually be part of the green solution.

With the right developer, high rise condos combat problems like urban sprawl, which is a big problem for our city. They make good use of downtown space, attracting more people to live in the core. As newer buildings, they also have a chance to incorporate the latest green technology.

When you think about Toronto’s traffic and smog problem, making the downtown core more compact is a viable solution. For the most part, downtown high-rise buildings use less space and consume less energy. The people who live in them are also more likely to walk, bike, or take transit instead of driving.

Again, a lot of this depends on the developer.

If 11 Wellesley’s fate was to host a condo building, Lanterra was one of the better developers for making it green. They have a solid reputation for building with the environment in mind. Their Maple Leaf Square residences just got awarded a Silver Certification by LEED. Their upcoming Ice Condominiums project at York Centre features an extensive green roof. It’s likely that 11 Wellesley will unfold in a similarly green direction.